Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spray Park

This weekend Brian and I headed out to the Mt Rainier area to hike the Spray Park trail.  It was about 70 degrees in town but it was in the 50s at Mt Rainier.  Of course neither of us checked the weather before we left, but luckily we had enough layers to keep us warm.

The Spray Park trail is one of several trails that set out from the Mowich Lake camping area.  The first two miles are fairly easy going, just a little up and down.  At 1.7 miles there is a look out.  Unfortunately, we were surrounded by clouds the day we chose to hike. 

After the look out, there are three water falls starting around 2 miles into the hike.  The first one, below, is small but pretty.  I liked all of the moss on the rocks around the falls.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Around this point there is also a turn off to a camping area that looked like it wouldn't be a bad place to spend the night.  Enclosed by the forest but reasonably flat.  There are also other places to camp on up the trail, however, I don't think you are allowed to have campfires. 

After this you will come to a fork in the trail.  You take the right side of the fork and come almost immediately to the second waterfall.  It was a little underwhelming to me. 

As you hike down to the third falls there is a good vantage point.  Still cloudy but nice to have a break in the forest.

Then you will come to Spray Falls.  It was kind of hard to see.  You have to stand out on a rock, one or two people at a time.  This was the best I could do. 

After the falls we headed back to the fork in the trail and hiked up several switchbacks.  It was a good, little workout.  We probably hiked for about three quarters of a mile to reach Spray Park. 

When we got to this first mountain meadow, we decided to eat our lunch.  The fog really rolled in as we were sitting there.  We talked to a couple who said that they didn't think the trail ever curved back around to spray falls but that there were several more meadows on up the trail.  At this point we turned around, had it been sunny we would have had some terrific views of Mt Rainier.  Luckily there were still great things to see along the way which made the trip completely worth it. 

Total time: 3.5 hours
Distance: 6 miles
Passes: Mt Rainier National Park day pass or a national park annual pass
Location: WA-165 S/Mountain Meadows Rd/Mowich Lake Rd


  1. Wow! That waterfall is pretty! Too bad you guys didn't have a sunny day. Guess our meetup group will have to try it out! :)

  2. That is just up the road from me and I have never been there! Will have to check it out.